Wheel Services

Wheel Services

Wheel Straightening, Welding & Refurbishment

Your wheel may incur some damage during driving so at Martins Tyres we provide a range of services to help to prolong the life of your existing wheels. A bent or cracked wheel will result in loss of tyre pressure and therefore a flat tyre, these damages can become obvious over time or can be revealed when having tyres changed. If you think you may require your wheel to be welded or straightened please get in touch. We also provided a full-wheel refurbishment option; this means your wheel will return looking brand new! We will need to know the size and paint finish of your wheel in order to give you a quote, also be advised to allow for the stripping down, re-painting and drying process it takes 3 days to complete the work. 

Your local Alloy Wheels specialist – New Wheels

We have access to the top dedicated 4×4 and off-road wheel and tyre specialist network in the UK. Our business sources the top wheel manufacturers from all around the world and a selection of OEM brands, providing you an unmatched selection backed by professional guidance and assistance. We assist customers daily in getting the ideal 4×4, van, and SUV performance and appearance. We provide professional fitting at your convenience locally. And you’ll always get our professional counsel and first-rate service.

The advantages of Alloy Wheels

A lot of the benefits that the alloy material has over other materials also apply to wheels. The following are a few of the top advantages of putting alloy wheels to a vehicle:

  • Aesthetics: As we mentioned in the introduction, alloy wheels normally just seem much more fashionable than others. This is mainly because alloy wheels need a more difficult production process, which encourages more imaginative and even personalised designs. It is obvious which wheel looks superior when compared to an steel wheel. 
  • Performance: Alloy wheels have benefits beyond just aesthetics; they can enhance a vehicle’s performance. For instance, alloy wheels are substantially lighter than steel ones, which benefits a vehicle’s acceleration, braking, and fuel efficiency. Alloy wheels frequently enhance steering and handling. The less-heavy wheels also lessen the strain on the suspension, engine, and other parts of the car. Better heat conduction and dissipation are also possible with alloy wheels, and better braking is a direct result. As a result of these improved heat dissipation qualities, tyres on a car will likely last longer because they’ll stay cooler. 
  • Lightweight: Alloy wheels are substantially lighter than their steel counterparts, which helps increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, reduce wear and tear on various components, and improve handling. Although we touched on this benefit in the previous point, it’s important to reiterate it here. Always keep in mind that every 10% reduction in weight might result in an improvement in fuel efficiency of up to 7%. 
  • Corrosion-resistant: The ability to withstand corrosion and rust better than steel and other metals is the final major advantage of alloy wheels and the alloy material. After all, if you’re going to spend more money on alloy wheels—whether as an aftermarket option or straight from the forecourt—it will be in your best interest if they are durable. You can depend on them to look excellent and endure a long time due to the material and the manufacturing process used to create them.

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