Tyre Information

  • Tyre Size

To find the size of your tyres look for the seven digit number ‘Ex.255/45 R20’. Check the front and rear wheels in case you have different sizes. In the example below the tyres speed rating is V and the XL stands for ‘extra load’. Another useful bit of information is the load rating of the tyre which is shown in the example bellow is 103 V XL, providing us with this information can help us identify the exact tyre you require.

  • When to change?

The legal limit for your tyres tread is 1.6mm. A great way to check is with the border line of a twenty pence coin! The lower the tread gets the less the tyre will perform driving through standing water on the road.

  • How long do tyres last?

Tyres last on average 15,000, but this varies depending on driving style, tyre quality and air pressure maintenance. Consider changing tyres after 5 years, 10 years max. The dot code on the side wall of the tyre will let you know it’s age e.g. 22/09 (twenty second week of 2009)

  • Air Pressure

A good average tyre pressure is 32 psi or 2.2 in bar. However your cars manual or inner door panel will have specific information on the right pressure for your car!

  • Winter Tyres

Winters tyres aren’t just for when it snows. They perform better in cold temperatures allowing you to pull away and slow down faster.

  • Run-Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres are designed to keep you going temporarily if your tyre loses air pressure. On the side wall of the tyre you will find markings for run-flat tyres.

Michelin – ZP (zero pressure) / Continental – SSR (self supporting run-flat tyres) / Pirelli – RSC (run-flat system component) / Bridgestone – RFT (run-flat technology) / Dunlop – (RSC) / Goodyear – RSC / ROF (Run on flat)

  • Van Tyres

Van tyres have different levels of strength which can increase the load rating of the tyre. These can be seen on the side wall of the tyre as PR (ply rating).

6PR, 8PR, 10PR

  • Fitment Codes

Fitment codes are found on the side wall of the tyre. These codes can help you choose which tyres might be better suited for your vehicle.

XL – Extra load / MS – Mud and snow / AO – Audi fitment / MO – Mercedes fitment / * – BMW fitment / J – Jaguar / JLR – Jaguar and Land Rover fitment / NO/N1/N2/N3/N4 – Porsche fitment / TO – Tesla fitment