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Routine Driving, Essential Wheel Alignment and Tracking: How Daily Wear Affects Your Wheels.

Daily wear and tear from regular driving can gradually throw your wheels out of alignment, leading to a cascade of issues:

  • Uneven tyre wear: Misalignment can cause tyres to wear unevenly, shortening their lifespan and necessitating premature replacements.
  • Drifting or pulling: If your vehicle veers to the left or right on a straight road or during braking, it’s a clear sign of misalignment.
  • Crooked steering wheel: When your steering wheel isn’t straight while driving straight, it’s a telltale indication that your wheels need attention.

If you detect any of these symptoms or if your vehicle has undergone steering or suspension component changes, it’s imperative to have our expert technicians conduct a thorough wheel alignment and tracking check.

Regular wheel alignment and tracking checks should be a cornerstone of your vehicle’s maintenance regimen, not only to save on running costs but also to ensure your safety on the road. Our extensive experience underscores the importance of scheduling alignment checks every 12,000 to 15,000 miles or at least once a year.

Choose from our comprehensive range of wheel alignment and tracking services, including Manual Tracking (£20) and Hunter Wheel Alignment (starting from £35). Our team utilises advanced wheel alignment and tracking technology to ensure precision and accuracy in every adjustment. Contact us today to determine the best option for your vehicle’s needs and keep your wheels rolling smoothly.

Elevate Your Driving Experience with Hunter Wheel Alignment 

What exactly is Hunter Wheel Alignment?

It’s more than just a service; it’s a precision-driven process that ensures your vehicle operates at peak efficiency, comfort, and safety. In today’s automotive landscape, with its myriad adjustable components in steering and suspension systems, proper alignment is more crucial than ever.

Our Hunter wheel alignment and tracking service goes beyond mere adjustment; it’s a meticulous procedure that measures up to 14 primary wheel angles, comparing them to your car manufacturer’s original specifications. Any deviations found are promptly corrected, optimising your fuel efficiency, reducing uneven tyre wear, and enhancing your overall driving experience.

But why does your car need a Hunter wheel alignment?

Perhaps you’ve noticed your tyres wearing unevenly or your vehicle pulling to one side. These are all telltale signs of misalignment, which not only affect your driving experience but also lead to increased running costs.

Misalignment can occur due to various factors, from hitting a curb to regular wear and tear. By entrusting us with regular alignment checks, you can mitigate these negative effects and ensure your vehicle remains in peak condition.

The benefits of Hunter wheel alignment are numerous:

  • Improved tyre Life: Misalignment is a leading cause of premature tyre wear. Proper alignment can significantly extend the lifespan of your tyres, saving you money in the long run.
  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: Misaligned wheels can increase fuel consumption as they ‘drag’ along the road surface. Correct alignment reduces this resistance, giving you more miles per tank.
  • Eco-Friendly Driving: With improved fuel efficiency and reduced tyre wear, you’ll leave a smaller carbon footprint, contributing to a greener environment.
  • Cost Savings: By extending tyre life and improving fuel efficiency, proper alignment helps lower your overall motoring costs.
  • Enhanced Handling: Proper alignment ensures that your vehicle’s geometry is set as intended by the manufacturer, correcting handling issues and delivering a more enjoyable driving experience.

Why Choose Our Hunter Alignment Service?

Our workshop boasts the award-winning Hunter alignment system, known worldwide for its accuracy and reliability. Our technicians undergo rigorous training to provide the highest standard of care for your vehicle.

Using real-time imaging cameras, we measure all 14 primary angles on your car and compare them against the latest technical specifications from your vehicle manufacturer. We provide you with a detailed, easy-to-understand printout, explaining any wheel alignment and tracking issues and discussing any necessary work with you before we start. Upon completion, we provide you with a second wheel alignment and tracking printout as proof of a job well done.

Ready to experience the difference our Hunter alignment service can make for your vehicle?

At Martins Tyres, we go beyond just wheel alignment to provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet all your tire and wheel needs. From tyre information and wheel balancing to puncture repairs and more, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer expert wheel balancing to ensure smooth, vibration-free driving. Our advanced equipment and skilled technicians ensure precise balancing to eliminate any imbalances that may cause steering vibrations or uneven tyre wear.

In addition, our puncture repair service provides quick and reliable fixes for punctured tyres, getting you back on the road safely in no time. We use industry-leading techniques to locate and repair punctures, preserving the integrity of your tyres and maximising their lifespan.

Whether you need wheel alignment and tracking, balancing, puncture repairs, or any other wheel services, Martins Tyres is your one-stop shop. Contact us today for a wheel alignment and tracking check and experience the difference our expertise and dedication can make for your vehicle.

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