Tracking / Wheel Alignment

We offer state of the art laser technology wheel alignment!

Wheel alignment “tracking” adjusts the wheel settings on your car to the correct position. This will improve your cars handling and make the tyres last longer by allowing them to wear more evenly. The front wheels on all cars can be aligned however some may need all four wheels aligned.

Potholes and other impacts can put your wheels out of alignment. Key signs of your wheels being out of alignment are:

  • Car pulling to the left of right.
  • The steering wheel being out of centre.
  • Tyres wearing unevenly.

However, wear and tear on your cars suspension parts or newly replaced suspensions parts may require your car to be re-aligned.

Wheel alignment isn’t as complicated as it sounds. By measuring and adjusted the angles of your wheels the geometry of the car is corrected to how it was meant to be.


Front Wheel Laser Alignment: £40 (Booking may be required click here for availability)

Four Wheel Laser Alignment: £100 (Booking required click here for availability)

Front Wheel Manual Tracking: £20 (No booking required)