For the Best Tyre Service Prices, Trust Martins Tyres

We are known for offering the most competitive prices for the service you will receive. 

We will give you the best price per tyre, first time, with no incentives to buy any more than you need!

Get the Best Tyre Service Prices, First Time

Martins Tyres are here to help, and we care about each and every one of our customers. That’s why we make a point of offering competitive tyre service prices, offering the support the you and your vehicle need, at a cost that won’t break the bank.

We have a close network of supplier connections too, which means that we can usually source your tyres for same-day or next-day fitting – if we don’t already have what you need in stock, that is!

Our tyre service prices include balancing, a new standard valve, old casing disposal and VAT – which means no surprise fees or hidden charges. All of our pricing quotes are given on a ‘per-tyre’ basis, and we never offer incentives to buy more than you need.

Why Choose Martins Tyres?

If you need budget or mid-range tyres, we offer a number of good quality options, and all the premium brands you would expect are available too – without the premium markup you might find elsewhere.

Not sure which tyres you need? Don’t worry, we can help you decide between budget and premium tyres, or even UHP tyres for vehicles with higher-end performance.

At Martins Tyres, we believe in putting our customers first – and that’s reflected in our service, as well as our prices. Extra services like puncture repairs, TPMS servicing, wheel repairs and wheel alignment are only ever recommended if we believe you need them. We’re also a Foxy Lady Approved garage, meaning we never overcharge, patronise, or sell women anything they don’t need.

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