Original Equipment Markings

OE Tyre Markings Explained

Especially if you have a high-end vehicle like a BMW, Audi, or Jaguar, OE tyre markings are something that you might see when you take a closer look at your vehicle’s tyres. This page will explain what OE tyres are, why they are used, how to tell if your vehicle is running on OE tyres, and more.

What does ‘OE’ mean?

The ‘OE’ in OE tyre markings stands for ‘Original Equipment’. OE tyres typically will have something special about them that makes them different from a standard tyre that you can buy ‘off the shelf’.

Why might manufacturers use OE tyres?

OE tyres are often intended for use on a particular model (or models) of vehicles produced by a given manufacturer, and the construction brief for a given OE tyre can be set by the vehicle manufacturer. OE tyres are often designed with precise parameters in mind, and tailored to complement the engineering and performance characteristics of the vehicle they are meant for – allowing that vehicle to deliver superior performance in specific areas as defined by the vehicle manufacturer (for example handling, speed, comfort, or safety).

Can OE tyres be replaced?

Yes. OE tyres CAN be replaced by non-OE alternatives produced by dedicated tyre manufacturers like Michelin, Pirelli, or Dunlop. However, it’s important to note that because they lack the bespoke characteristics and nature of the OE tyre they’re replacing, you may notice a drop in one or more areas of vehicle performance compared to when it was fitted with the OE tyres.

If you do need to have OE tyres replaced however, you can count on the Martins Tyres team for superior tyre fitting service here at our garage in West End, Woking – or alternatively our mobile tyre fitting service can come to you. Click here to learn more about the service and the areas we cover.

OE tyre markings chart

To find out if your vehicle is using OE tyres, take a look at the sidewall of the tyre and look for the following markings:

For more information about the other markings typically seen on tyres and what they mean, click here.

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