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Because we know how important it is to fit the correctly rated tyre to larger or heavier vehicles, the Martins Tyres team welcome anyone coming to us in search of large vehicle tyres for vans, tippers, trailers, motor homes, caravans, and small horse boxes. Just like those in smaller vehicles, you can count on nothing but our very best when it comes to tyre fitting, puncture repairs, wheel balancing and alignment, and more besides.

Identifying large vehicle tyres

Van / Commercial tyres have different levels of strength built into them, which can increase the load capacity of the tyre. The tyre load rating (e.g., 115/113T) can be seen on the side wall of the tyre as well as the PR (ply rating). So, while the size code printed on van or large vehicle tyres may look the same as the one printed on a car tyre, it isn’t. The key thing to look out for here is the ‘C’ after the seven-digit tyre size – which indicates that you’re looking at a commercial tyre.


235/65 R16C (Size ending with C for commercial)

115/113T (Tyre Load Rating)

8PR (Tyre ply rating)

Do you need van tyres?

Whether you’re looking for Ford Transit tyres, VW Transporter tyres, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter tyres or Citroen Berlingo tyres, here at Martins Tyres we have van tyres to suit your needs.

Van tyres vary in comparison to car tyres, and they are designed to have stronger sidewalls to manage with the increased weight that can be loaded into a van. To ensure that the van can cope with the additional weight, the van tyre load index should be ‘XL’ (extra load), so don’t forget to also look for this on the sidewall of the van tyre.

Most of our van tyres are available to be fitted the same day or the next day.

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