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Visual Inspections of Tyres, and Why They Matter

A key part of your free tyre and air pressure check with Martins Tyres will be an initial visual inspection of the condition of the tyres fitted to your vehicle, and your spare(s) too. This is important because any perishing or cracking of the tyre can really affect how it performs, how well it retains air pressure, and a tyre’s overall safety – including how likely it is to fail.

Issues like physical defects or faults, or even the age of a tyre simply won’t show themselves if the only thing being looked at is the air pressure. However all it takes to uncover them is a visual inspection carried out by someone with an eye trained to spot those details, and the knowledge to understand what they mean. The good news is that when your tyre and air pressure check is carried out by one of our technicians, that’s exactly what you’ll get!

Understanding the Importance of Correct Tyre Pressure

Ensuring optimal tyre and air pressure is essential for vehicle safety and tyre longevity. Regularly checking tyre pressures, including the spare, is crucial before embarking on long-distance journeys. It’s imperative to match tyre pressures with the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal tyre performance.


It’s advisable to check tyre pressures when tyres are cold to obtain accurate readings. If checking tyres when hot, adding 4 to 5 psi (0.3 bar) to the recommended pressures compensates for temperature increases. Vigilance for any signs of unusual pressure loss is necessary.

In case of anomalies, conducting a thorough inspection of tyre conditions, as well as wheel and valve integrity, is important. Adhering to these practices and scheduling regular tyre and air pressure checks contribute to both safety and tyre lifespan, ensuring a smooth driving experience. This is crucial tyre information for all vehicle owners, as it underscores the importance of tyre services and the role of a tyre pressure monitoring system.

At Martins Tyres we offer a FREE Tyre and Air Pressure Check. Come by anytime and one of our team will be happy to help!

Get a grip on tyre pressures!

Maintaining maximum grip on the road is essential for ensuring road safety. This can be achieved only when your tyres have the correct pressure. Refer to the diagram below, illustrating the correlation between tyre pressure and grip on the road.

Top Tips for Tyre pressures

1 – Safety

Under-inflated tyres pose significant risks, including overheating and increased chances of bursting, as well as compromising vehicle handling. Low pressure on the front axle can result in understeer (fig. 1), while low pressure on the rear axle may lead to oversteer (fig. 2).

2 – Economy

Both over-inflated and under-inflated tyres incur greater damage compared to those with the correct pressure, necessitating more frequent replacements. Even a 60% inflation, though not uncommon, can accelerate tyre wear, significantly reducing tyre lifespan. Additionally, vehicles with under-inflated tyres experience heightened rolling resistance, demanding more fuel to sustain speed.

3 – Environment

Ensuring your tyres are properly inflated not only optimises fuel efficiency but also plays a vital role in reducing your vehicle’s carbon footprint. By maintaining the correct tyre pressure, you not only lower CO2 emissions but also contribute to protecting the environment for future generations.

At Martins Tyres we offer a FREE Tyre and Air Pressure Check come by anytime and one of our team will be happy to help!

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