Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Any other these types will be manufactured using electric vehicle designed tyres: 

• BEV (Batter Electric Vehicle) – Fully Electric. 

• PHEVs (Plug-in Electric Vehicle) – Powered by electric and Petrol. 

• HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) – Powered by both Petrol/Diesel and Electric 

All our tyre technicians are certified IMI Level 1 Award in Electric Vehicle Awareness (QCF). 

We welcome electric vehicles to our workshop however something to consider before arriving is that your electric car may require specific EV Tyres in order to maximise the vehicles efficiency and cope under the increased vehicle weight (around 30% heavier than combustion engine cars). 

According to research 20% of range could be lost by choosing non-EV tyres. 

EV tyres are designed with – 

• Lightweight/ LRR Technology – to allow for maximised range. 

• Low noise tread patterns and tyre compounds – so when you’re driving your silent car you don’t have noisy tyres ruining the experience. 

• Higher load capacities – due to the heavier weight of the electric vehicles the tyre must withstand more pressure prompting the introduction of HL (high load) tyre markings. 

Example of EV Tyres:

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